Past Event


June 1, 2019

NexttoNow/H-O-T in Philly

@ Mascher Space Co-op

Eun Jung Choi, Loren Groenendaal, Curt Haworth, Jim Strong, other local artists from Philly, Tubs Angel, Robin Meeker-Cummings, Deciduus, extant: and guests from NYC Sara Galassini, Jenni Hong, Elise Knudson, Alexandra Matschiner, and Rebeca Medina

Saturday, April 20, 2019

H-O-T Series of Philadelphia

@ Mascher Space Co-op

Friday, Feburary 16 – Sunday, February 18, 2018

ISOP FebFest: DiscorDance 

@ Vox Populi, Mascher Space Coop and Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

A 3 day February Festival of Improvisation in Music and Dance with the theme of Discord.



Monday, October 17 – Sunday, October 23, 2016
Pfff! 2016 Philadelphia Free Form Festival

@ Icebox Performance Space and various venues across Philadelphia, PA
wide range of programming including community focused workshops, adult & youth education,
panel discussions, professional development and performances


Wednesday August 17, 2016 @ Rigby Mansion
Quartet: Audrey Chen (Berlin) Voice, Henrik Nørstebø (Norway) Trombone, Chremos (PHL) Movement, Fleisenberg (PHL) Percussion
Duo: Melinda Faylor (NYC) Piano, Loren Groenendaal (PHL) Movement
Duo: Fatima Adamu (PHL) Movement/ Voice, Jesse Sparhawk (PHL) Harp


Wednesday July 13, 2016 @ Mascher Space Cooperative
Katt Hernandez performance and record release:
Katt Hernandez (Violin, Stockholm, Sweden) performing solo and in collaboration with:
Dan Blacksberg, Neil Feather, DM Hotep, Connor Przybyszewski, Erik Ruin, Jesse Sparhawk, Jim Strong, Ashley Tini


Sunday July 10, 2016 @ Philadephia Argentine Tango School
Wilfrido Terrazas (Flute, Mexico City), Stephanie Griffin (Viola, NYC), Asimina Chremos (Movement) Flandrew Fleisenberg (Percussion)
Trio: Connor Baker (Percussion), Henry Fraser (Bass), Daniel Pencer (Sax)
Philadelphia Clarinet Quartet: Mickr Kittens, Jim Krull, Jack Wright, Piotr Michalowski


Thursday June 23, 2016 @ Random Tea Room
Impermanent Society at Random Tea Room:
Trio: Bhob Rainey/ Aaron Zarzutki/ Ben Bennett
Solo: Unguent
Solo: Gabi Losoncy


Thursday, June 16 – Sunday, June 19, 2016
Overlapping Kinespheres Embodied Improvisation and the Global Underscore

@ Mascher Space Cooperative and various venues across Philadelphia, PA
A curated schedule presented by the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia.
3 days of exploration, learning, and connection surrounding the Philadelphia Global Underscore 2016
Contemplative Dance /// Jam Class Practice /// Contact Improvisation /// Music & Sound /// Performance /// Discussion /// Meals


Sunday June 12, 2016 @ Eris Temple
3 – 2 – 1 Trio:
Samuel Lang Budin, Anastasia Clarke, and Sandy Gordon (from NYC)
Duo: Daniel Fishkin & Jim Strong (PHL)
Solo: Whoopsy Daisy


April 9, 2016 @ Tango School
Audrey Chen/ Dave Gross/ Morgan Evans-Weiler/ Michele Tantoco/ Flandrew Fleisenberg


February 19, 2016 @ House Gallery
Susan Alcorn/ Dom Minasi/ Rosie Langabeer/ Julie Verdone/ Connor Przybyszewski


January 9, 2016 @ Da Vinci Art Alliance
Michael Foster/ Ben Bennett/ Jasper Stadhouders/ Megan Wilson Stern/ Zornitsa Stoyanova/ Julius Masri/ Shayna Kapeluck/

Imozoku Butoh/ Jim Strong/ Flandrew Fleisenberg


October 19 – October 25, 2015
NowHere Festival of Free Improvisation in Sound & Movement

Dedicated to promoting the Free Improvisation artform, the festival included 27 movement and sound artists from across the US.